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Connect with Your Guides

Wanting to really get to know those wild, wonderful, and beautiful souls who have been guiding you this whole time? Ready for a deeper relationship? Like the kind where you can joke, you can laugh, you can cry, you can vibe just like you would a bff. Because, of all the bffs, these are your OG bffs. Now we've said it too many times. Bff.

Bring that subconscious understanding to your conscious mind. You chose these guides. Now it's time to remember why you vibed with them so much!

Reconnect, tap in, get comfortable with the frequency of communicating with them. You can come with your own questions or use some I suggest during the guided meditation.

This hour long class and meditation will be recorded for you to use as much as your heart desires. Can't make the class? No problem. You can gain just as much awesomeness from the recording as you can the live version.

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