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Unlock Your Soul's Deepest Desire

Feel like you're missing something? Not sure where to go next or how to move forward?

This is exactly the vibe you've been looking for!

Our souls aren't the sneaky little guys we usually think they are. They are ready and willing to open up about what they need about anything. All we have to do is listen.

In this class, we will merge your conscious mind with your subconscious like two little weird friends who would do anything for each other. You'll connect and communicate with your sassy self to unlock exactly what you are needing most in this moment. 


The best part? Each time you listen to the recording, you can gain something new. Let's unleash this power together.

This hour long class and meditation combo will be recorded for you to use as much as your heart desires. Can't make the class? No problem! You can gain just as much awesomeness from the recording as you can the live version.

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