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Expand Your Spiritual Gifts

Are you already playing with your gifts on some level? Ready to absolutely explode those gifts into something more powerful? Reliable? Consistent?

Tapped into your gifts a few times but now you've talked yourself out the possibility that it really was your gifts? 


In this class, we will dramatically increase that confidence as you'll be able to repeatedly demonstrate to your own baddie self that YES these are your actual gifts. And NO, you did not make it all up. That's the power of community, baby. We practice as a group, individually on one another, and on Sam. That's me. I'm Sam.

We will get so weird (in a good way) with unleashing that power inside of you. In a directed, super chill, high vibe way, we will practice, improve, and walk away with a bunch of awesome ways to keep on truckin'. You will only move at the pace you are ready for so this is for those new and seasoned. 

This hour long class will be recorded for you to use as much as your heart desires. While you can gain a lot from the recording, it is recommended you attend the live class for the strongest possible outcome. As always, the choice is yours.

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