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Ready to break the cycle?

Unlock your true potential?

Just get out of your own way?

Make 2024 your best year yet. 

Block Buster


Course Full

break free from what's holding you back

Weight Loss

Find Your Joy

Financial Abundance

Attract Your Aligned Partner

Reconnect to Intuition

Raise Your Vibration

No More Anxiety



Better Health

Get Out of Your Rut

Stop Caring What Others Think

Make Choices that Inspire

Finally Break the Cycle

Attract More Friends

Enjoy Your Life

We can work on anything.

You tell me the problem. I find the block.

We bust it together.

This mastermind will...

  • Transform your life, your attitude, your perspective

  • Show you how to demolish those roadblocks

  • Develop confidence and give you clarity

  • Raise your vibration

  • Expand your consciousness

  • Give you answers AND step by step directions

The Deets

Jan 16 to Apr 30
3:15 eastern time

6 spots. That's it. 

It's small on purpose. Everyone gets individualized attention. And everyone gets five new friends for support along the way.


  • Daily chat for support

  • Weekly group zoom

  • 1 exclusive meditation each month, never before released

  • Lifetime access to all class content

  • Exclusive access to the Spiritual Buddies Group Chat upon completion


  • Massive raises in vibration

  • Expanded consciousness

  • Peace / Joy / Love / Patience / Ease

  • Your own personal psychic to include your guides & read the energy

Choose Your Own Adventure

$4,444 USD

$888.80 USD

$555.50 USD

$444.40 USD

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