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Welcome to the 
Soul Spark Community
with Spiritual Healing Sam

Be proud. You've really shown up for yourself!

Next steps...

1. Join the exclusive Spiritual Buddies Group chat

Download Telegram for free in your app store then come back here to join the group chat using the cute box below.

Join the Announcement Channel (also in Telegram) so you don't miss out on topics & info & the occasional poll.


2. Register for as many of the Soul Sesh Zooms as your heart desires

Each time you register for a Soul Spark Sesh, you will receive a confirmation email with the zoom link.


If you don't have one within a few minutes, check your spam and promotions folder in your email.

Soul Spark Zooms are available on the website with rotating topics announced in the Announcement channel.

That's it!

Now go introduce yourself in the group chat!

We want to vibe with you.

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