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simplifying spirituality

Overwhelmed by available spiritual directions you can take?
Not sure what's what anymore?

Let's Regroup.

Start from the inside out to confidently know what resonates and what doesn't. 
Learn how in this group series.

✨ Are you searching for practical ways to weave spirituality into your everyday life?

✨ Learn how to connect with your guides?

✨ Discern the difference between ego/higher self/spirit guide team?

✨ Wanting those radical self-upgrades?

✨ Looking to identify what's been anchoring your vibration & holding you back?

✨ Learn how to download direct instructions on how to match your higher self? 

Then this is for you!

Learn what alignment really feels like

& how to keep coming back to it,

despite what's happening around you.

of who, what, when, where, why

The Down & Dirty



You. Me. The other spiritual hotties who are in the same place you are: searching for understanding, awareness, and clarity. It's fun. It's weird. You'll feel things.


12 weeks total for you to meet and connect with...

✨ Spirit Guides

✨ Higher Self

✨ Spiritual Gifts

✨ 3 carefully curated guided meditations 

Image by Phil Hearing


After our wild, 12-week ride, you'll gain access to the exclusive Spiritual Buddies Group chat, also in Telegram. More spiritual friends to vibe with!

Image by Helena Lopes


August 1 to Oct 17

Every Taco Tuesday will drop

a new module or a live Zoom for up to an hour

Each Zoom will be recorded so you can watch even if you can't make the live version!

And every day you can jump (or slide) in to the group chat on Telegram for questions, support, connection, etc. I'll be there, making sure it stays real and weird. And real weird.


On video every week

in the group chat on Telegram 24/7

Image by Brooke Cagle
Image by Pablo Heimplatz


Transformation, duh.

You're about to raise your vibration so you can

    ✨ enter into a state of ease

    ✨ infuse clarity in your life

    ✨ experience a greater sense of peace & stability

Buckle up, buttercup.
Your whole life is about to change.

The How

The How

on joining the Spiritual Foo Fighters

jk most of that name is already taken
but the group is still pretty rad

Pay in full

Pay over time

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