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Starting off point

for a solid foundational knowledge

Channeled information

Everything you'll need to know about manifestation and the laws to which we are bound in this universe.

Channeled information

Written in 1989, this book is full of explanations for Earth energy changes to come as well as an extensive amount of prophecies, most of which have already come to pass.

Information received through hypnotherapy

Cannon, a regressive hypnotherapist offers a unique, non-psychic view of information from Source including past lives, aliens, and life on other planets.


Shadow Work


Book a
Shadow Work Guru

Some of my faves

to turn your brain into a pretzel

Dolores Cannon 

for regressive hypnotherapist goodies

Official YouTube channels

for expanding your consciousness 

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for a deeper understanding

Map of Consciousness

developed by Dr. David Hawkins, MD, PhD

Curious about where your base vibration is? This map gives a great visual of the correlation between vibrational levels and the corresponding dimensional energy.


Chakra Chart


Everything is connected. By understanding what body system is connected to what Chakra, you can take the steps needed to rebalance your energies for a happier and healthier you.


because everyone deserves to be safe & happy


Light workers I trust

to help with your growth & expansion


Taryn is the Shadow Work Guru. She is a clinical hypnotherapist who will rewire your mind, helping you to clear those shadows.

Lauren's Etsy shop is a one-woman crystal and sage show where all the hand-crafted magic happens in her home studio in Nebraska. 


Dawn is a spiritual healer and animal communicator. She invites your pet into the sacred space where she communicates your thoughts and discovers theirs. The link above is to her Facebook business page. She can also be reached at



to aid in your growth & expansion

Double-sided chakra chart for a quick reference to what expands and hinders each chakra as well as how to open blocked centers. Includes many sources to aid and be aware of such as sound, crystals, food, and addictions.

Zener cards to practice your psychic awareness

My preferred tarot deck because it combines classic themes with modern imagery. However, use whichever deck vibes with you most.

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