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Create Your Sacred Space

Searching for a mind palace? A place to meet all those on the ethereal? A place to chill with your guides? An escape to reboot your energy?

Your sacred space is waiting for you to bring it into existence. 

Sam will actively guide you through the process of creating that sacred space in which you can do all things third eye. This is a safe space overflowing with peace that you can use to invite particular spirits in to communicate with you. Or maybe you need a reset. Maybe you just need to conjure up a bunch of baby goats to find your vibe again. The options are literally limitless and it's yours from now until forever. 

This hour long class and meditation combo will be recorded for you to use as much as your heart desires. Can't make the class? No problem! You can gain just as much awesomeness from the recording as you can the live version.

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