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The Soul Spark Membership

✨ Are you ready for soul growth to transform into the baddie you know you are?

✨ For enlightenment to truly not care what others think

✨ For change to shed the b.s. and find your joy again?

✨ To raise your vibration to start tapping into your gifts/guides/highest self?

✨ To become the best version of you for a hot girl (or guy or they) summer that's inside and out?

Then this is for you!

Find your path. Find your light.
Rediscover your spark.

Soul Spark is...
  • A place for you to call home as you grow and transform on your spiritual journey

  • A twice a month Zoom space that covers varying spiritual topics for raising your vibration

  • A daily safe place via group chat to make lasting spiritual connections with others also on their journey

  • The go to place for answers and guidance from your Spiritual Coach and Mentor (that's me!)

[that was so punny]

How you'll turn into this spiritual bodhi hottie

[bodhi is sanskrit for enlightenment]



Regular face time with your fave Spiritual Coach!

Get this mug in real time. Because getting me in the future is a little tricky. Every other week, chat with me LIVE over Zoom. Topics rotate and are announced to the group. Ask your questions, benefit from my Spiritual Coaching experience, and vibe in a fun, casual (hopefully a bit weird) setting. We laugh, we cry, we bond. (Just ask the current members of the Spiritual Buddies Group chat.)


Raise your whole vibe

Surround yourself with high vibe info, high vibe people, and high vibe feelings so your consciousness naturally EXPANDS and creates higher vibe opportunities in your daily life. Best part is you get to feel your feelings. No toxic positivity here. That's grossssss. FYI, it's really, really good here. I'll show you the door. All you have to do is walk through it.

Image by Jacqueline Munguía
Image by Ameer Basheer


Unleash the beautiful baddie that you are

Free fall into alignment with your best self by learning about different spiritual topics, asking your questions and getting answers.  Learning, growing, vibing is the QUICKEST path to unleashing the beautiful baddie you know is in you. It's time for hot girl summer all year 'round. (Guys, gays, and theys, too, duh. Everyone deserves discovery of their hot girl era. Spoiler: that happens when you discover who you truly are.)


Find your spiritual friends

Get to know the other like-minded people who are also taking charge of their destiny. Every Soul Spark Member gets exclusive access to the Spiritual Buddies Group Chat where you can interact as much or as little as your heart desires. It's so weird in there. We love it.

Image by Joel Muniz
Image by Andre Hunter


Get your groove back

Just like that emperor. But with less villains. Exposing yourself to new, higher level concepts opens that third eye faster than you can ask me to stop making puns. Crack that third eye open and allow yourself the shift in perspective you need to fall into alignment with your dreams or the insatiable desire to be punnier than I am. (Last one, I swear.)

The Deets

The Deets

joining the soul spark community

Cancel anytime. No commitment.

This includes:

✅ Live Zooms Twice a Month
✅ Exclusive Access to the Spiritual Buddies Group Chat
✅ Rediscover Your Inner Baddie
✅ Raise Your Vibration
✅ Expand Your Consciousness
✅ Make New, Like-Minded Friends

Topics Include: Channeling, Energy, Creating Vibrational Shifts in Your Life, Guest Speakers, Guided Meditations, and more!
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